From one bubble to another

Today, I started my first day of college.  It came with a few complications (who to sit with at dinner?), but overall, I’m excited for this new chapter in my life.  I’m taking a class called ‘Pirate Atlantic Wild,’ and honestly, I wish I could have stayed in that class all day.   Within that one class there holds everything that I ever thought college could, should, and would be.  Key players, of course, include: an eccentric but lovable professor, a couple of college athletes asleep in the back row, a kid that looks no older than 14 and absolutely terrified of everything, a girl in a star wars shirt, a few bad jokes, and overall, an interest for the subject floating around the lecture hall.  I get to learn about fun things like Elizabeth I and Prince Henry the Navigator, along with modern-day pirates and digital piracy.

The cloned trees around the U drive at the university, along with the brick walks, and the picturesque buildings, make it easy for a visitor to assume that everyone walking the school’s hallowed grounds are eager-to-learn individuals.  I laugh at myself now when that illusion passes before my brain.  Sure, I’ve met a plethora of interesting individuals, but few of them seem actually passionate about their chosen majors (although, to be fair, how does one exactly express a love for mechanical engineering?).

I’ve already embarrassed myself multiple times, in a nice wide variety of ways, but I’ve also learned a lot too.  For example, I found out that when I throw away my natural inhibitions toward society and actually go out and mingle, I tend to enjoy myself just as much as, if not more, than I do when I’m alone.  Now, thousands and thousands of other young adults across the world are entering into the world of university, just as I am.  Thus my opinion is automatically rather voided, just because so many other people could say the exact same things that I’ve already said.  And yet I’m saying them anyway.  As I transition from the bubble of childhood to the bubble of college, before I reach the real world of adulthood, I’ll probably experience many of the the same things as all of the aforementioned students.  But I will probably continue to voice my opinions over them all anyway.

Even though my ‘college experience’ is just starting, I already know that I will come out of it all a somewhat changed person.  Be it good or bad, it’s probably true.  As for now, I’m sitting up at 10:43 on a Monday night reviewing basic french vocab because I have nothing better to do with my evening.  And I guess I’ll just have to take the next four years day by day.  So here’s to a fantabulous Tuesday!

Claire Marie

By the way–I just started The Illiad, and I really like it.  I can’t wait to see how it goes!


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