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It’s been far, far too long since I’ve last posted, but what can I say?  I’ve been caught up in the heat of summer.  I’ve been working at my first ever (!) job, chauffering my little sister around, reading, drinking expensive coffee drinks, reading some more, visiting the library, and even meeting up with friends, occasionally.  Basically, I’ve just been enjoying my last summer as a high school student. And now school has started up again, so I’m more than busy with band, AP classes, and even a French class at the local college.

As a bit of an introduction to my AP Literature class this week, we had to write a paragraph using a word that we thought defined us.  Mine was a little odd (and more than a little dramatic) but I thought I’d share it nonetheless.  With most people’s paragraphs, it was somewhat overwhelming obvious what word they had used.  I tried to leave mine a little more obscure.  It’s not great, but as I haven’t really written anything at all since about May, I’m a little out of practice.  Anyway, here’s the paragraph.

Sometimes, people seem to see right through me.  Frequently, I feel as if I don’t exist, but at other times, people seem to look through me as if I were glass.  Casual observers simply glance at my pale skin and fair hair, and they are capable of gleaning my slightest mood swings.  I can hide nothing beneath my clear surface.  And yet, despite the fact that I cannot disguise my feelings and must not tell lies, I strive to remain undimmed. Allowing my personal light to shine through me in an attempt to conquer the lurking dark of the world, I don’t let my demons bring me down.  And when my own light fails me, as it is bound to do, I simply reflect the light of others, letting their light shine through, around, and against me, so that others may obtain clarity.  On those occasions when I have fallen, and shattered like so many little suns, the light has still shone through my broken pieces, until the time came when I could be melted back together into one solid, clear sheet of glass.  

And then I found this super awesome quote by Anton Chekhov, someone that I had never heard of until about ten minutes ago, but now I want to read some of his short stories!  Chekhov said, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”  I feel like that quote is kind of applicable to my paragraph.  Except, of course, it’s written much better and the guy was actually a writer.

I have to run, because I have French and Lit homework to do (yes, on a Friday! Ugh).  Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Claire Marie


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