Soaring through the heavens with C. S. Lewis

I’m afraid that I have, once again, fallen behind on my blogging.  In my defense, the last month or so of school is always insane with AP tests and the ilk.  In fact, I took my last AP test of the year today, AP US History.  Fun stuff.  I’m pretty sure that I even used “ilk” in one of my essays today, as a matter of fact…  At any rate though, I’m sorry about not posting anything for quite some time.  I’ll try to be better (I always say that.  I never get better.  Oops.  Oh well.  Maybe with the coming of summer?).

On happier topics, I’ve been on a bit of a C. S. Lewis binge recently.  Lewis is one of my longtime heroes.  He’s one of those five people that I would have dinner with, if I could choose anyone (I feel like everyone has been asked that question at some point in time.  If not, I’d be happy to ask you myself).  I recently reread Mere Christianity for a nonfiction book project in my AP Lang class, and that got me sort of fixated on Lewis’ writing.  I’ve read quite a few of his books.  The Chronicles of Narnia were childhood favorites of mine, of course, and I’ve also read The Screwtape LettersThe Great Divorce, and a few of his other religious books.  Up until a few weeks ago, however, I didn’t know that Lewis had written a sci-fi trilogy.

It blew my mind.  The fact that there were works of Lewis that I had only never read, but never even heard of?  It was frightening.  So, naturally, the only thing to do upon hearing of the trilogy (Together called The Space Trilogy) was to rush to my local bookstore and order it (they didn’t have it in stock).  It came pretty quickly (within a week or two), and upon getting the call (in the middle of school) the trilogy was in, I kind of freaked out.  I went to pick up the books that day.

And oh man, are they awesome.  I’m currently on the second book, Perelandra.  Every time I read something “new” of Lewis’, I’m reminded of why I love his writing so much.  The beautiful simplicity of it draws me in like little else does.  It just makes me feel whole and complete on the inside.

Out of the Silent Planet

Super awesome, thought provoking quote from the trilogy. When one thinks of “space,” they tend to think of it as a dark, empty…space. But “the heavens” evoke feelings of light, wonder, and awe, which is exactly what the protagonist of the book experienced in his travels in “space.”

The first book in the trilogy, Out of the Silent Planet, is about the main character’s trip to Mars.  He was actually abducted (by humans), and held captive.  When he got to Mars, called Malacandra by its inhabitants, he escaped from his captors and proceeded to wander over the planet for a couple of days.  I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say that thus far, I couldn’t be happier with The Space Trilogy, and I’m looking forward to book three, That Hideous Strength.  Maybe I’ll do a followup post over the trilogy as a whole!

Until next time,

Claire Marie


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