Seeing the Light Through the Storm

Some days are harder than others.  I think we would all attest to that.  But sometimes, it seems like we get so bogged down with our small, menial troubles, that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  It’s easy to let yourself get dragged down into a constant state of misery, until you’re just in a vicious cycle of depression, digging yourself so deeply in that it seems as if you can no longer see the sky.

So, how to get out?

You have to make a conscious decision to be happy.  This may seem counter-intuitive.  You shouldn’t have to decide to be happy, you should just…be happy.  But if you allow yourself to get into the mindset that life is just constantly throwing you curveballs, you’ll soon forget to see the light.  Eventually, you won’t even be able to see good things that are right in front you.

Therefore, you have to (sometimes) force yourself to notice the good things in your life.  You have to stop, take a step back, and appreciate all of the good things that you have in life.  These could be little things, like the fact that someone smiled at you in the grocery store, or someone picked up something that you dropped for you.  Once you are able to appreciate the little things for what they are, you’ll be able to see the big things.

Just like there's goodness in this storm, there is surely goodness in the crazy mess that often seems to be your life

Just like there’s goodness in this storm, there is surely goodness in the crazy mess that often seems to be life.

Why am I writing about such a melodramatic topic, you may ask?

See, I had to make this conscious decision.  I had gotten myself stuck in a rut.  I was really just focusing on (and enhancing) the bad in my life.  I wasn’t letting myself see all the good things that I had going in my life.  And one day, someone made me snap out of it.

It was the weirdest experience.  Like waking up from a really, really long sleep. (Rip Van Winkle, anyone?)  And so now, I’ve begun living my life in a new way.  I now know how to appreciate the little things.  Like the fact that I have enough cash in my wallet to treat myself to a coffee.  Or that there are people (and dogs) in my life who love me.


Albert EinsteinI’ve begun living my life the way that one of my heroes, Albert Einstein, suggested.  To me, now, everything is a miracle.  Even if I don’t see it at the time, I know that I’ll eventually figure it out.  There is goodness in everything, and benefit in every storm.

Thanks for visiting!

Claire Marie



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