Busy, Busy, Busy with It

It seems like I have no time to do anything anymore.  Since my last post, I’ve really only had time to consider writing a new post once (and that was yesterday).  All of this insane busyness made me think of a wonderful little song by Sandra Boynton on the album Philadelphia Chickens.  I loved the book/music as a kid, and I’m pretty sure that I still know the words to all of the songs.  At any rate, the song is called BusyBusyBusyand it’s absolutely wonderful.  I wanted to share the music video, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.  I did, however, find a shortened clip of the song, which should at the very least give you an idea of what it is.   BusyBusyBusy

At the moment, the song describes me perfectly.  What with school, band, Key Club, the school newspaper, Youth in Government, National Honor Society, piano, and a few other things, it seems like I scarcely have time to indulge in the occasional mocha.

I am currently reading It by Stephen King.  It’s the first King novel that I’ve read in quite some time, and to be quite honest, it’s rather horrifyingly creepy.   What with my crazy schedule, however, I must admit that it’s taking me some time to read (some time meaning that the library is probably getting annoyed with me).  However, it is a very well-written book, and I am enjoying it.   After a quick Google search, I have discovered that there is a 1990 movie as well.  I might have to dig up a rather brave boy to watch it with me when I finish the book.  It will probably give me nightmares.  The copy of the book that I’m reading is rather worn, but I wanted to share a photo of the cover, so I googled that as well.  There were plenty of creepy covers to chose from, but the scariest was probably the spanish version of the novel.

I probably wouldn't have even picked up the book if I had seen this copy...

I probably wouldn’t have even picked up the book if I had seen this copy…

Clearly, it isn’t a happy book.  The clown is pretty gosh darn terrifying.

Unfortunately, I have to go to church now.  Hopefully I’ll find the time to write another post soon.  Happy Sunday!

Claire Marie


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