This I Believe

Recently, I was assigned to write an essay for my AP Lang (AP English Language and Composition) class .  Normally, I wouldn’t consider an essay worthy of mention, but this was a very particular essay.  Called “This I Believe,” it is an essay created by a non-profit organization, This I Believe, Inc.  It was formed in 2004 to share essays written by the public about their daily values and beliefs.  The organization is based on a 1950s radio program (it had the same name) hosted by NPR.

The idea in and of itself it really interesting.  People from all walks of life write short essays and share them on the website (I believe that This I Believe, Inc. has also posted a book or two).  There are some really good essays on the website, some of them dating back from the original program in the ’50s.  The oldest essays are on the website as recordings of the authors reading their work.  One of my favorite essays to hear was Albert Einstein’s.  Einstein has always been a bit of an idol of mine, and so it was especially pleasing to discover that he had written an essay based on the exact same rubric as I had.

In the guidelines for the essay, participants are encouraged to write their essay based on a story of personal belief.  After a great deal of consideration (it seriously took me longer to pick my topic than to write my essay), I chose to write about honesty.  Being honest is very important to me, and I’ve had to deal with a lot of dishonesty in my past.  Now, I wrote the essay understanding the fact that my classmates would be reading it.  So I didn’t put quite as much into it as I would have liked, but I still tried to tell the general reasons as to why honesty is so important to me.

I really did enjoy the research behind writing this essay.  Seeing what other people have said, learning what other people believe. As I strongly encourage you to do the same, I will attach the link to the website. Here: This I  Hopefully, you will enjoy the website as much as I have.

Now, as it takes a few months for an essay to be put up onto the website, and I just submitted mine a few weeks ago, mine obviously isn’t on there.  Therefore, I have also attached my own essay, which you can read below.  I hope it isn’t too overly dramatic.  Here: The Importance of Being Honest  Tell me what you think of it!

Lastly, I encourage you to write your own essays.  If you do write one, make sure to let me know! I would love to read it.

Happy Sunday!

Claire Marie


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