Time Flies…

Goodness gracious.  The school year is almost over! I only have two more days (technically I have three, but I don’t have to go on the last day!)  It’s shocking to think that by this time next week, I will be a Junior.  Gosh, I feel so very old.  I can still easily remember playing outside all day, climbing trees and exploring forests, considering a day wasted if it didn’t involve grass stains or melted snow.  And now I’m sixteen and “all grown up.”  Scary how time flies.  Even when you aren’t having fun.

Do you ever just sit back and reminiscence on what once was?  It seems like most of the time, I dream of the future.  But some days, I like to remember the past.  After all, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for what I’ve done.

For example, I remember struggling to learn long division one morning before school in fifth grade.  I was a new kid at school, and at my old school, they hadn’t taught it to us yet.  But at my new school,  I was supposed to know it quite well.  Terrifying, really!  It was really difficult for me (Math isn’t exactly my strong suit).  And now, I’m  finishing up Algebra II, and long division is still a struggle.  So I guess some things don’t change.  Even if they are little things like long division.


And now as I get older, the time really seems to fly by.  I’ve already been sixteen for four months! And yet, when people ask me my age, I still instinctively say, “Fourteen.”  Just a few years off on that one! :P  It’s funny how you don’t notice time passing while it happens…but then you blink and everything has totally changed.  The birds have flown the nest and your dinner is quite burnt.

I like the idea of time.  Even if I don’t always like it when it happens.

That’s all for today!

Claire Marie


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