Life Outside of the Hills


I am here to post that poem that I mentioned yesterday. I wrote it about a month ago for an audition to a summer camp. As I somehow lost the final copy, I’m just going to edit the copy that I have a bit, and hope it makes sense. The poem itself is based on a black and white photograph of some beautiful, but slightly dreary hills.

The hills call for me;

The wish to leave it all behind,

To run away,

So quickly they cannot follow.



The hills sing for my presence

Tempting me with glorious pleasures

For those hills are alive,

Calling, seeking, luring.



And so, the hills call for me.

To desert the doubt of humanity,

To vanquish the fear of the unknown,

To wander free…



The hills’ song is strong;

My heart yearns to go

But my head is stronger.

One cannot run from his troubles.



The hills cannot move me.

I will resist their call.

As of yet, I have things left to do on this earth;

Battles to be won.

Although this poem was based on the photograph of the aformentioned hills, it was also sort of a response to a mentality that a friend of mine has. He believes that leaving everything behind will make all of his problems go away–that if he runs, all of his troubles will disappear. And so this was my way of telling him that running away wouldn’t fix anything. There are troubles everywhere. And problems have a way of finding people. So I guess I was just trying to tell him that even though life can be hard, everyone is put on this earth for a reason. And so until their dying day, they will have things to do.
Hope you liked the poem,
Claire Marie



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