House vs. Home

What is the difference between a house and a home?  Some would argue that they are the same thing.  Others would strongly disagree.  Personally, I believe that for something to qualify as one’s home, one must feel safe, comfortable, and happy within it.  A home is a place of wellbeing and trust, where one can speak their mind and be who they really are.  Kick off their shoes, and relax, so to speak.  Sure, a house can be a home, but a home isn’t necessarily a house.

For me, growing up, my house didn’t always feel like my home.  I didn’t always feel like the general atmosphere of my house was a good one, which is, of course, necessary to make a home.  Now though, I love my home.  I love being at home, coming home, staying home, all of it.  And not to be sappy, but I think that the people who live in your house are the people who make it feel like home.  For me, I think it’s my mom that makes our house a home.  Even though she’s at work a lot, and we’re all at school, she still manages to send her mother-waves throughout the house and make it feel warm and welcoming.

Ever since I got back from Orlando (yesterday at about 4 AM), I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  Our empty house doesn’t feel quite like a home.  It’s like a puzzle with just one piece missing. It’s almost there. so achingly close that you can feel it, but it still isn’t quite right.  Mildly interesting how a few people can fill up a house so much, to the point that it feels quite full, even though it isn’t even close.

This whole post was sort of random, so I apologize about that.  However, I do have a poem to share, which I will do either tomorrow or Saturday.  So check back soon!

Claire Marie


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