The Wonderful World of Disney

In about two days’ time, I’ll be rolling away from my high school, in a brand-spanking new charter bus, to set off on a 26 hour journey to…Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!  I am beyond thrilled.  Ignoring the little bit where I’ll be on an enclosed space with a large crew of noisy band kids for an extended period of time, it’s going to be fantastic.  Needless to say, I’ve been planning and dreaming and talking Disney for the past few weeks. I’ve looked at maps of the parks and imagined our hotel room… I.  Am.  So.  Excited.  Over the past few days, I’ve gone shopping, done laundry, located my hidden cash stashes, and much more.  This trip will be wonderful.  After all, isn’t Disney World the happiest place on earth??  I mean, just look at it.  It’s beautiful.

I'm Thinking Disney

Who wouldn’t want to go there?  Seriously.  Looking at that picture makes me happy.  Imagine what the real thing will do! :)

So this post was mostly just to inform you guys of what I will be doing over the next week or so…no writing to share today (sorry!)!  I promise that when I get back, I’ll give you guys something wonderful to read.

Have a nice week!

Claire Marie


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