I am here to post my (love) sonnet that I wrote in English class the other day. It really isn’t very good, but it’s been a little while since I last showed you guys some of my attempts. So, it seems like high time! I don’t really have much else to say about it, so here it is!

For love, its magic shown in glorious light
It consumes the heart like no other joy
What power could showcase its awesome might,
Better than two lovers, a perfect pair?
Love is heaven on earth; a perfection.
True love cannot fail. It will not leave you.
A real, true love does not need correction.
This feeling can be scary when new.
But love is light, from the depths of a heart.
Exhilarating, wonderful, and grand.
A shot in the dark is a daring dart.
But well worth the risk to hold your hand.
Love draws one out of his deep, hidden shell.
To a world of magic, that cannot tell.

Upon my second reading of this sonnet, I have decided that I really don’t like it after all, but oh well. As it is already typed up, I might as well still show it to you!

I promise I had many, many exciting things to say, but I seem to have forgotten them all at the moment. Besides, I need to go work on my Chemistry homework (bleck). Goodnight!

Claire Marie


4 thoughts on “Sonnet

  1. This is spectacular! I can’t believe you’re only sixteen! Please share more I’m so excited for what that little mind of yours has in store for us

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