I sort of feel like writing…?

As you might know, I have recently started planning a novel (I haven’t actually gotten to the writing bit yet :o).  And ever since I started working on it, I’ve been sort of obsessed with it.  In fact, if I wasn’t writing this post right now, I would probably be working on it.  But I digress…

I feel like I know more about my characters than I know about myself, or anyone for that matter.  I know every little detail about them, and if I ever discover something that I don’t know, it will soon be found.  It’s funny though, because I don’t feel like I’m their Creator, I just feel like they’re all very real people.  For example, when people mention something that is somehow similar to my book in some way, I’ll mention one of them, and everyone around me will just give me the weirdest look… It’s so incredibly awkward, but they are so real to me, I don’t really care what people think.  To me, these people aren’t made out of paper and ink, but real flesh and blood, with hearts and souls and fingers and toes.  To me, they are almost more real than real people are.  Even though I haven’t seen them, I can picture them all so very perfectly.  It is so magical.  It’s funny what our little minds can do when we put some effort into it.  From my raptures, I probably sound like someone who is getting married.  Gosh.  Is writing a book anything like a marriage?  I don’t really know what marriages involve.  It takes a ton of commitment, you have to give 100%, and you can’t ever stop until it’s over.  From that, they sure sound alike to me! :)

Just to summarize though, I really love writing.  Or the beginnings of writing.  Whichever, it is incredible fun (I think I said something along these lines in my last post).  And I love my people…Even though I can see their flaws better than no other, I still love them.  I wouldn’t hug all of  them, necessarily…but I would definitely want to talk to them and see what they’re really like, and if I did justice to them in my descriptions.  Oh, what fun.

I should probably end my raptures now–I think it’s time to eat dinner or something far too literal for the dreamy folk like I.  Have a great weekend!

Claire Marie


5 thoughts on “I sort of feel like writing…?

  1. I really hope novel-writing isn’t like marriage, ’cause then I’d be a polygamist! Plus, divorces are sad. Maybe it’s more like a tumultuous summer fling that has to end some time, but is always fun while it lasts?

    • You have a fair point! I didn’t think about those who have written more than one book. I was mostly just thinking about the commitment aspect for them both. Thanks for the input though!

  2. It would be a pretty one-sided marriage, in my case — I love my characters a good deal more than most of them love me! What, just because I routinely torture them for the sake of a good storyline, that makes me the bad guy?

    In any event, enjoy your lovely writer’s high, novelist-to-be. And make friends with what characters you can; they’ll stick with you closer than a brother, and help defend you from the more bitter residents of your imagination. (:

    • I feel like a horrible person now–I didn’t even think about the feelings of my wonderfully imaginary characters. But I presume you’re right, I mean, I’m sure my dead people aren’t too fond of me. :) Thanks for the tip!

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