I know that I posted yesterday , but this little fragment has been sinking through my mind for quite a while.  Hopefully posting it here will finally lay it to rest!  This post will mostly based on a poem called Lights that I wrote for my Creative Writing class this semester.  Hopefully, the poem won’t lead you to believing that I’m depressed because, I promise, I’m generally a happy person.  Often though, when I write, it just seems like the small amounts of distress and misery bleed out onto the paper.  Gruesome image, but true.  Anyway, this poem, Lights is sort of about life, and the dangers that one flees from throughout its course.  It ends in a bit of an open web-it signifies a cycle, and yet it hints at a quick end coming unexpectedly.  Hopefully, by now, I’ve raised the suspense level just a bit, and so now I can show you the actual poem.  Here it is!


Lights dim and dull,

Saying goodbye to the world,

“Goodnight, sleep tight,” they say,

Sinking into a deep, dark night.

Lights are gone forever.

Shivering for the Horrors to come,

We wait for the cold knife on our throats,

And yet it never comes.

Lights have yet to rise

Stalking for daybreak,

We wait for the uplift of hope,

But Horrors kill the promises, and feed lies.

Lights burst over the clouds,

Staying the acts of evil.

No sins are consummated under Lights’ eyes,

Protected until Lights die,

Waiting to be buried once again.

I don’t really know what else to say about this poem, other than that I hope you liked it!  Please, tell me what you think, and how I could have  made it better!


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