Catching Up

Well, it’s been quite a little while since I’ve last written, and I have a few ideas scrabbling through my mind about what to write about.  Good books, Christmas time, family, long car rides, snow, colds, the list goes on.  But I’m really in a cocoa sort of mood right now, so I think I’ll ramble on a bit about cocoa.

My mother likes to call me a hot chocolate connoisseur–in other words, I’m obsessed.  I make cocoa for myself a couple times a week, and I usually try to buy one every now and then too.  To me, cocoa is just something that one can curl up with and read, write, study, or even do laundry (although how one curls up while folding, I’m not quite sure, but I still like to sip upon a large mug of cocoa while I’m doing it).  Hot chocolate reminisces of snowy nights at home, cold nights out on the town (for me, going out on the town is driving to Starbucks and back), and gatherings in my grandmother’s kitchen with a large bunch of my numerous cousins.  It is something that has lasted in some form or other for centuries.

I like my cocoa to be rich, and dark, with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top.  As I make mine with milk, I don’t appreciate watery cocoas.

In my opinion, for cocoa to be thoroughly savored, one must be fully comfortable in their setting.  For example, if you buy a cocoa and then quickly jump onto a landing field, you probably won’t enjoy it much.  Even if you work on a landing field. :P  For me though, I like to have my cocoas in my living room, snuggled up on the big, comfy couch, with my dogs at my feet and a good book in my hand.  As I said, it is completely essential to feel comfortable and safe in one’s environment while drinking a cocoa.

I may sound a bit odd on this whole hot chocolate thing, but really, it’s just a sort of passion of mine.  One who loves cars wouldn’t like to see a good car gone to waste, and likewise, I wouldn’t like to see a good mug of cocoa go down the drain.

Now, as I’ve been in the car for over ten hours today, and I’m not feeling too well, I believe it is high time for bed for me.  Enjoy these last few hours of January 2nd, 2013! (By the way, Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas!)

…and to all a good night! :) (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas reference)


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

    • Well, *cough, cough,* ignoring the fact that you already know, I love Starbucks’ hot chocolates, but when I made my own, I usually use Ghirardelli cocoa powder, along with some other ones like Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate and others that I’m not even sure of their names! But most of my cocoa powders are from Whole Foods, and they all lack High Fructose (insert vegetable) syrup.

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